Preparing for the Parole In Place PIP Interview

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This Article will cover the Parole in Place PIP Interview. Military Parole in Place is a filing option that could forgive an “Entry Without Inspection” and provide a Lawful Entry Record, also known as an I-94. More about Military Parole in Place can be learned in another one of our Articles, the link is provided below:

Parole in Place: Immigration Option For An Illegal Spouse, Child, Or Parent Of A Military Member

This Article will cover how to prepare for a PIP Interview. A PIP Filing does not usually have an interview, however, that completely depends on the local practices. In the USCIS Durham NC jurisdiction, it is common practice to perform the great majority of the filing by mail. However, in jurisdictions in California, New York, Florida, and Illinois, an Interview is almost always scheduled.

There are two different kinds of Military Parole in Place interviews.

The first kind of interview is a “meet and greet” interview where the officer inspects the interview, confirms identity, and would approve issuing the PIP Card once it identity was confirmed. Many past clients would call it a quick “PIP Card Pick-up Meeting.”

The second kind of interview is where doubts have to be rebutted by the Applicant. The USCIS may have a suspicion of Immigration Violations, outside of the illegal entry and accruing of unlawful presence. In these situations, the interview usually creates a transcript that may be the basis of your denial or approval. If you are receiving a PIP Interview, and the jurisdiction doesn’t usually employ an interview, you should speak with an Immigration Attorney. Some Immigration Violations can permanently preclude you from ever receiving PIP or a Green Card in the Future.

If you have any concerns, you should speak with a local Immigration Attorney. Additionally, you may call Fickey Martinez Law Firm, P.L.L.C. at (910) 526-0066. Check out more about our Law Firm by clicking the following link: Meet Our Immigration Team.


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