N-400 Naturalization: Efficient and Electronic from start to finish

The N-400 can be completed online at USCIS.GOV. In 2019, USCIS improved their processing system with regards to Naturalization and Citizenship. The N-400 process is now completely electronic.

Applicants have the benefit of immediately filing and paying for their Naturalization online. Applicants that mail a paper N-400 have their filing digitized. The USCIS Personal Accounts allow Applicants to electronically monitor their case and immediately receive USCIS Notices electronically in their USCIS Account. Documents / Supporting Evidence can be uploaded to USCIS, which makes USCIS Processing easier and more efficient.

When an Applicant goes into a USCIS Field Office, they are pleasantly surprised to see a Tablet / Ipad on every USCIS Officer Desk. During the N-400 Interview, the tablet allows for information to be confirmed, for digital signatures, and to help complete the English Test.

In 2020, (at least for the USCIS Durham Field Office) USCIS is making the N-400 even more efficient by allowing successful applicants to also receive their Naturalization Certificate that same day. This improvement has been in the making for a long time, and now during COVID-19, less interaction and more efficiency has made the N400 Naturalization process better.


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