IMMVI: What are Additional Favorable Discretionary Factors?


IMMVI (Immigrant Military Members and Veterans Initiative) is a “Military-based” Immigration Option for Current and Past Service Members in the US Armed Forces. The program can assist the Service Member (if they were deported or abandoned their own Green Card), or it can assist their Spouse and Child(ren) to expeditiously come to the US. In order to qualify for IMMVI, the following main items MUST be evidenced:

The last prong, “Additional Favorable Discretionary Factors” will be explained here.

What does this Third Prong mean?

This prong is essentially a “catch-22,” a prong to please provide anything that a Service Member feels will help their filing. The “Meat and Potatoes” of the filing is in the Second Prong: Evidence of urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. The second prong establishes the reason the US Government should care and immediately act. The Third Prong can add “flavor” or “feeling” to the filing.

What are some examples of Additional Factors?

The sky is the limit, but here are some common items:

  1. A Child Misses their parent and is drawing sad drawings or making sad stories about being apart from a parent.
  2. A Father feels like they are struggling to juggle work, life, kids, and waiting for the government to allow the Spouse in the US.
  3. A Wife is pregnant and the Husband wants to share the pregnancy journey with the wife . . . in the US.
  4. A Grandparent in the US wants to see a spouse or child abroad before the Grandparent passes. Being able to come to the US to help meet that wish would be nice.
  5. A Husband feels anxious about his wife’s safety abroad. Maybe she was recently kidnapped or mugged, and the possibility of it happening again is affecting the Husband.
  6. etc.

Essentially, this prong adds a “human touch” to paperwork and evidence. The “story” (the life story) helps the officer understand as they review the filing, as they weigh the “Meat and Potatoes” of the filing / the Second Prong: Evidence of urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.

What is Discretionary?

The entire IMMVI filing is Discretionary. A Service Member is NOT GUARANTEED to receive IMMVI for themselves or a Spouse/Child. The Third Prong allows for adding more weight to the Second Prong.

It is not a bad idea to be “open” about feelings, issues, and personal matters in the IMMVI filing. IMMVI is a military option that can “make magic happen.” It can expeditiously bring yourself or the Spouse/Child to the US when so many others are waiting years to come to the US.

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