IMMVI Topic: Can I expedite my IMMVI Case?


Yes and No, but it doesn’t matter. To the very common question of:

  • Can IMMVI be expedited?
  • Can I expedite my I-131 IMMVI Case?
  • Can I speed up my IMMVI Request?

IMMVI is automatically expedited. IMMVI can have an “expedite request” made, and USCIS may accept or deny the request, but the fact of the matter is that the filing type is placed in an expedite track at the very first second it is received. So, whether you do nothing, or have an approved expedite request, or have a denied expedite request, the filing is still expedited.

It does help to state two important facts:

First, USCIS handles primarily Civilian Filings. So, if you contact the USCIS Help Center, they may say that the case is eligible for expediting. That is true, and the USCIS Humanitarian Division in DC will likely notify you that your case is “expedited.” From the Government’s perspective, every IMMVI case is immediately processed and assigned within days to a USCIS Officer. The assignment occurs lightning-fast compared to civilian filings (which number hundreds of thousands and can take a year or more to process).

Second, every IMMVI Case is expedited and your case will process roughly in the order it was received. IMMVI Cases have a requirement of being military-based, which automatically supersedes civilian filing options.

To summarize, it is not possible to expedite an expedited military-based filing. USCIS will review and process the filing as soon as possible, and they will notify you if they require anything or if the filing is approved and sent to the requested Embassy/Consulate.

USCIS Memorandum: This USCIS IMMVI Policy states Expedited and Supervisor Review


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