Honduras: Copy of Birth Folio / Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos


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Honduras has numerous versions of a Honduran Birth Certificate. However, for US Immigration purposes, ONLY one version is acceptable: the Copy of Birth Folio (Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos)

Issuing Authority:

The Birth Certificate MUST be issued by the Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP). The RNP Symbol is bright green (previously black and white) and an image of it is found on the top left corner of the Copy of Birth Folio.

Procedure for Obtaining:

  • Applicants residing inside of Honduras: Walk-in at the RNP offices.
  • Applicants residing outside of Honduras:  Applicants may send proxies in their stead to request official documents, but the offices have the right to request a notarized document from the applicant granting the proxy permission.  Applicants may obtain these notarized statements at any Honduran Consulate and mail the certified forms to their proxies in Honduras.

RFE from USCIS Regarding Honduran Birth Certificate

USCIS normally sends Requests for Evidence whenever a new document is needed and possibly when already submitted documents are insufficient, invalid, or unacceptable. A Birth Certificate can have many versions, and during 2019 the US Government (USCIS, NVC, and DOS) determined that only one Honduras Birth Certificate would be sufficient to meet US Immigration Purposes: Copy of Birth Folio (Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos).

Age Matters:

RNP was established in 1984.

If you were born after 2000, your Birth Certificate will likely have no issues. Just be certain it is the Copy of Birth Folio and not an unacceptable document.

If you were born between 1984 and 2000, your Birth Certificate was registered with the RNP, but some issues may arise at it may be partially handwritten and may not have the RNP Seal. An apostille of the document may be beneficial, and a “Note of Explanation” would carry RNP’s symbol if one was not present on the Birth Certificate.

If you were born prior to 1984, your Birth Certificate is likely handwritten, the Certificate would likely have been registered with the Municipal Mayors, and you would need to perform additional requirements to meet US Immigration Standards, such as an authentication/apostille of the document and a “Note of Explanation.”

What if my Birth Certificate does not show it is from the RNP or does not have the RNP Seal? / What is a Note of Explanation?

Request from the Central Archive of the National Registry of Persons (RNP) located in Tegucigalpa a document called “Note of Explanation” (Nota Aclaratoria). The RNP will provide a document to accompany the older Copy of Birth Folio.

An example of the Note of Explanation looks like:

Unacceptable Honduras Birth Certificates:

The following are unacceptable Birth Certificates for US Immigration Purposes:

  • Expedientes de vida
  • Hoja de vida
  • Literals
  • Certificacions

If the Birth Certificate has any of the above names, it is not acceptable and you should contact RNP for the Copy of Birth Folio and possibly a Note of Explanation.

Most commonly seen unacceptable birth certificate is:

How do I acquire a Copy of the Birth Folio when I am here in the US?

The Birth Book is back in Honduras, and you would need a copy of the page recording the birth. Ideally, having family or parents in Honduras is possibly the easiest way to have someone request a copy of the Folio in-person. If that is not available, contacting an attorney in Honduras to assist in the in-person request would be your only other option.

Although our office has received Copia de Folio del Libro de Nacimientos from private attorneys hired by our clients, we are unable to recommend any foreign attorney as we do not personally know them and their credentials.



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