H-1B for Teachers: Can schools or school districts provide H-1B visas for International K-12 Teachers?

A common visa for many Public School Teachers is the J-1 Visa. The J-1 Program brings many highly qualified and highly educated teachers to the United States, from all corners of the world (e.g., Philippines, Jamaica, Colombia). Apart from the teacher’s extensive knowledge, a school and a school district see value in the teacher’s international viewpoints and uniqueness that can be brought to the “table” (aka the school faculty and in the classroom). 

However, as the J-1 Visa program begins to end, many J-1 Teachers and Schools Sponsoring the J-1 or Schools in desperate need of a highly qualified Teacher begin to research about the H-1B Visa.

What is commonly stated:

  • Oh, I cannot qualify for that.
  • Oh, my school or district would not do that.
  • Oh, school budget cannot afford that.

The fact of the matter is that the H-1B Visa is generally more affordable to a school and school district than if the school or school district hired a teacher on the J-1 Program. Additionally, a School is able to have three (3) benefits with the H-1B, which is not possible with the J-1 Visa.

  1. The H-1B Visa can have a max period of 6 years, whereas the J-1 Visa has a max of 5 years.
  2. The H-1B Visa can permit the school or school district to apply and provide an Employment-based Green Card to the H-1B Teacher, which is extremely difficult for a J-1 Teacher.
  3. The H-1B Visa does not have the same “Restrictions” as the J-1 Visa, meaning there is no “2-year home residency requirement” on the H-1B Visa like those seen on the J-1 Visa.

The H-1B allows K-12 Schools to have the option of keeping the international teachers that they love as a long-term asset for the school and its students. Moreover, it allows the schools to fill any vacancies, which would otherwise be difficult to fill or acquire a teacher of high caliber and experience.

If you are a school, school district, J-1 Teacher, a Teacher already on H-1B, A Teacher working on OPT, or a soon-to-be teacher graduating in the US from an F-1 Visa, we recommend speaking with an Immigration Attorney. Our Immigration Law Firm is based in Eastern North Carolina, but we service clients throughout the United States. J-1s are a special part of our office, a vital part of our local school systems, and a community we love to service. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our Law Firm.

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