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H-1B for Teachers: Are there any downsides to hiring K-12 International Teachers on the J-1 visas?

What is a school’s ultimate goal in hiring a teacher? The School wishes to find the most qualified teacher to educate their student body. The higher-skilled the teacher, the better the education is taught and the better student scores would become. It does not matter if the teacher was educated in the United States or […]

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Adding H-1B to your Workforce: What you need to know

U.S. Employers always stress with staffing issues. Oftentimes, when Employers begin the recruitment process, they realize many of the qualified candidates that they are interested in hiring are foreign nationals who need the sponsorship of H-1Bs. But what is H-1B? What should employers do or are required to do in order to hire these foreign […]

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H-1B for Teachers: Can schools or school districts provide H-1B visas for International K-12 Teachers?

A common visa for many Public School Teachers is the J-1 Visa. The J-1 Program brings many highly qualified and highly educated teachers to the United States, from all corners of the world (e.g., Philippines, Jamaica, Colombia). Apart from the teacher’s extensive knowledge, a school and a school district see value in the teacher’s international […]

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