Employment-based Immigration

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Employment-Based Immigration can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes there are many visa options. However, before making a life change or choosing a visa to apply for, it may be beneficial to understand your immigration options and determine whether a Green Card would be more appropriate.

Employment Immigration is applicable to Employers (filling their workforce needs), Employees (starting their career in the United States), and Investors (spending their money in the United States to hopefully create a solid income or business venture).

Immigration has the capability of bringing the world and all of its people to one place, one job, and one business. Our office welcomes you to see our many Business Immigration Options, from our many practice areas, to specific employment industries, to our ever-growing blog database.

Our Office assists in the following Practice Areas:

  1. H-1B Visas for Professional Workers with Bachelor’s or Advanced Degrees
  2. L-1A and L-1B Visa: Intracompany Transferee Executive, Manager, or Specialized Knowledge
  3. B Visa Change of Status or Extension of Status
  4. R-1 Religious Worker Visa
  5. E Visa: Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors
  6. EB-1 Green Card Category
  7. EB-2 & EB-3 Green Card Categories

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