U.S. Citizen’s Guide to US Immigration of a Philippine Spouse or Fiance


This Blog Post will help US Citizens figure out the best Immigration Option for a Filipina(o) Spouse or Fiance. It may also answer the big question, when/how should I get married? (If you have not yet tied the knot.)

Please pick one of the two below options that best suits your needs:

Spousal Visa

This Blog Post will discuss how to marry in the Philippines and how to bring your spouse to the US:

US Citizen’s Guide to Marrying in the Philippines and Immigrating a Philippine (Filipina) Spouse to the United States

Fiance Visa

This Blog Post will discuss how to bring your fiance to the US, the many steps, and important items to focus on:

US Citizen’s Guide to the Fiance Visa Process in Manila Philippines



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