South Africa Birth Certificate for US Immigration Purposes


US Immigration law has strict requirements on foreign documentation. As a general rule, all Birth Certificates, whether foreign or from the US, “MUST” be “long-form” or a version that contains parental information. This post will explain South Africa requirements.

Birth Certificate Name:
US Immigration requests the Long-form South African Birth Certificate (more commonly named: Unabridged Birth Certificate).

The place to apply for one:
Department of Home Affairs
Private Bag X114
Pretoria, South Africa 0001

When making a request to the Department of Home Affairs, the South African Applicants should also provide their:

  1. full name given at birth
  2. date of birth
  3. place of birth
  4. both parents’ current legal names
  5. mother’s maiden name

The request to Home Affairs should specify that an English language copy is desired. 


NVC Guidance can be found here:

What type of documents should I attach with an immigration filing?

Please check out our Immigration Checklist for general guidance based on our filing Case Type:


Note: Our Law Office does not assist in acquiring Birth Certificates. Due to Privacy or needing to be a citizen of that country, only the person named on the birth certificate is normally the only person permitted to request such documents.



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