Dismissed Court Case and US Immigration


Many believe a Dismissal of a Criminal Court Case means it will not affect an immigration filing, like Adjustment of Status to get a Green Card or for Naturalization. However, Immigration can consider a Dismissal as a “Conviction” if one of two things occur in the court case:

  1. If there is an Admission of Guilt, then the Dismissal would be considered a Conviction.
  2. If there is a Punishment, then the Dismissal would be considered a Conviction.

The US Immigration Agency requires to receive the following documents regarding ANY criminal item, regardless if it was Dismissed, Expunged, or Sealed:

  • Court Disposition
  • All Court motions and filings
  • All Records at the District Attorney’s Officer, especially items regarding Deferred Prosecution Agreements
  • Any Prison Records
  • Any Police Records

USCIS would review all of the above to determine whether there is an Admission of Guilt or a Punishment.

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