Affidavits of a Bona Fide Marriage: Why Are They Good?


An affidavit of a bona fide marriage is beneficial to a Marriage-based Green Card Application. Although it is secondary proof in the eyes of USCIS, it assists in removing doubt that a marriage between the Petitioner and Beneficiary was entered into for the purposes of acquiring a green card, also known as marriage fraud. But, how is it beneficial and how many is needed are common questions.

First, it is beneficial because the affidavit would be taken by a third party who is swearing under oath, before a notary, that the contents of the affidavit are true and accurate. Lying in an affidavit constitutes perjury, which is a crime. Additionally, it is very difficult to fake a marriage, and even more difficult to have friends lie if they know that the marriage was entered into for the purpose of getting a Green Card. So, a friend’s affidavit tends to show the marriage is true.

Second, the number of affidavits is not important. Rather, the real importance is the quality. Affidavits from close friends and family tend to share (1) how the affiant knows the Petitioner and Beneficiary, and (2) an instance, an event that removes doubt that the Petitioner and Beneficiary have a fake marriage.

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