Understanding Adjustment of Status Movements Around the Nation: Raleigh-Durham Processing

Many clients become confused or do not fully realize how a Green Card filing, like Adjustment of Status, is a national filing that experiences delays in office transfer. This post will ONLY focus on Eastern NC Jurisdiction, the Raleigh Durham USCIS Field Office. However, this travel around the nation is common among every USCIS Jurisdiction and every Adjustment of Status filing.

First, the filing is submitted to the USCIS Lockbox Facility in Chicago, Illinois.

Second, the filing is transferred to the USCIS National Benefits Center in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. At the National Benefits Center, all of the real processing begins, such as:

  • RFEs for missing documentation is issued
  • Deficiency Notice for any missing I-693 is issued
  • Biometric Notice is scheduled at the local USCIS ASC Location, which in Eastern NC, that is Morrisville, NC
  • After Biometrics are taken, the background check can be completed

Third, the filing begins to separate into 2 categories:

  1. The Green Card filings that require an Interview in Durham, NC
  2. The Employment Authorization and Travel Permit/Advance Parole that processes in Lee’s Summit, MO

Fourth, the Green Card filing will eventually transfer from MO to NC and await the Green Card interview to be scheduled.

The following map will help show a visual of the above Transfer around the nation:






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