Acceptable Ecuadorian Birth Certificates for US Immigration: Inscripción de Nacimiento and Libro de Nacimientos


To immigrate to the United States, the agencies USCIS, NVC, and DOS only accept the following two Ecuadorian Birth Certificates. Two versions of the Birth Certificate contain all needed birth information and are generally accepted internationally.

An Apostille of the acceptable Certificates is NOT required for Immigration Purposes, but it may be required for Military Dependent Purposes.

This post shows acceptable versions and images to assist in confirming the proper certificate is in hand.

Acceptable Birth Certificates:

  • Inscripción de Nacimiento issued by the National Civil Registry (Dirección General de Registro Civil, Identificación y Cedulación)

  • Libro de Nacimientos issued by the Corporación Registro Civil de Guayaquil

There are two Unacceptable Version that CANNOT be submitted for US Immigration Purposes:

  • Certificado de Nacimiento

  • Partida de Nacimiento



Note: Our Law Office does not assist in acquiring Birth Certificates. Due to Privacy or needing to be a citizen of that country, only the person named on the birth certificate is normally the only person permitted to request such documents.


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