Military Parole in Place

Military Parole in Place

Parole in Place is a special Military waiver of unlawful presence and illegal entry to the United States. However, this waiver is only available to the Spouse, Child, or Parent of an Armed Forces Member, regardless of branch and whether the soldier is active duty, reserve, or a veteran.

Our Immigration Law Firm has tremendous experience with Military Parole in Place. Many of our clients are service members, and many of our office locations are near Military Bases. As such, our law firm has had many years of exposure to Military Immigration Programs, such as Parole in Place.

Our Service Members are usually stationed at:

  1. Camp Lejeune
  2. Camp Pendleton
  3. Fort Bragg / Pope Air Force Base
  4. MCAS Cherry Point
  5. MCAS New River
  6. MCAS Yuma
  7. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Since the Military Parole in Place Program was created in 2013, USCIS policy has expanded and refined eligibility requirements. Additionally, a companion process, Military Deferred Action has grown from Military Parole in Place in 2017.

It is recommended to speak with an Immigration Attorney familiar with Military Immigration Programs. Issues regarding Entry, the number of Entries (unsuccessful and successful), Unlawful Employment, fraud on an I-9 form, and Criminal History all can have negative consequences. Moreover, blemishes on a Service Member’s Military Record, such as an NJP for DWI or Drug Possession, can make or break an otherwise strong Military Parole in Place case.

Our firm is very familiar with the Parole in Place Process. Let our years of experience help you. We even handle cases that received a previous denial of Parole in Place. Below are estimates of the Government Fees and our Legal Fees:

Case Type Attorney Fee Estimated Processing Fee & associated costs When would this filing be used by our law firm?
Step-One: PIP

Step-Two: I-130 and I-485 AOS
$7000 $1760 Our clients stationed at ENC Bases enjoy meeting their Attorney in person, and will have the attorney attend their interview at Durham, NC.

Many out-of-state clients like the fact that our office has a lot of experience with PIP, and we may possibly have a few years of experience in an out-of-state USCIS Office.

Commonly, our out-of-state clients are from CA, AZ, NY, FL, and IL, but we are happy to assist in all states and territories, and we have experience in many other states, not mentioned above.
Military Deferred Action (Only) $3000 $0 This type of filing is common where PIP could never be received due to serious immigration violations or multiple illegal entries and exits into the United States. Or, if PIP could be received, an Adjustment of Status filing would lead to Deportation.

This Filing, in short, defers the “action” of deportation.

Immigration Experience

Being a Military Town, Jacksonville NC has shown our law firm the challenges that active-duty deployment and change of station have on an immigrant’s process. An expected 5-month process may turn into a 2-year process with PCS Orders. Regardless of your time with us, our practice is to keep a close eye on each client’s filing.

We learned a lot from serving the military members of Camp Lejeune. With that knowledge, we expanded our office to better serve the service members of Cherry Point Air Station in Havelock, NC and the service members of Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville, NC.

Since our beginning, we have sought better ways to serve our clients. To relieve travel time, our law firm opened additional offices. Now, our clients have more opportunities to meet our Immigration Lawyer in person versus over the phone, through video calls, or after commuting 1 to 3 hours.

Parole In Place (PIP) Blog Posts

Our Law Firm has written numerous blog posts and made many Youtube Videos to aid in the Immigration Process. Our Blogs relating to the Military Parole in Place Process have received substantial attention across the nation as many Service Members and their Families consider pursuing this Immigration Process. Some of our popular blog posts are listed below: