I-864 Asset Calculations

The I-864 Form (Affidavit of Support) allows the US Government to assess someone’s financial capability to support a sponsored person, whether they are a spouse, parent, child, sibling, and even friend.

The I-864 primarily assesses two areas of someone’s financials:

  • Annual Income, derived from Paystubs / Pay Checks
  • Adjusted Gross Income taken from the most recent IRS Transcript or IRS Form 1040

The necessary amount needed to overcome the I-864 on both of the above items can be found here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p

The I-864P addresses one’s household size and geographical location in calculating the Poverty Level for someone’s I-864.

What If My Current Income is higher than my taxes AGI?

Although this is an Asset discussion if the income of the current year is above the I-864P, then the following may be able to establish a qualifying I-864:

  • all Paystubs from the past 12 months with the same employer; and/or,
  • The employer writes a letter stating:
    • Business Name
    • Business Address
    • Employer’s Full Name
    • Employer’s Position in Business
    • Employee’s Full Name
    • Employee’s Start Date
    • Employee’s Position
    • Employee’s Salary
    • Evidence of up to the past 12 months of paychecks to establish salary
    • Statement on whether the Employee will be working at will or if there is a termed contract for the employment length

When are Assets Required?

Assets are generally optional. However, if the annual income and/or Adjusted Gross Income is below the I-864P Poverty Level, assets are possibly mandatory.

Assets are items that can be withdrawn or sold within 1 year to create a “cash holding.” Examples of assets can be:

  • Cash in the Bank
  • CDs in the Bank
  • House and land ownership
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Stock Portfolios
  • Retirement Accounts (401K, IRA, HSA)

Formula of Valuation

  1. If the I-864 is for a spouse, then assets value will by 1/3 Value. Meaning, if the assets value $300,000, then the US Government will value it at $100,000 for I-864 purposes.
  2. If the I-864 is for someone other than a spouse, then assets value will by 1/5 Value. Meaning, if the assets value $250,000, then the US Government will value it at $50,000 for I-864 purposes.


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