FAQ for H-1B Registration Rules

Important Timeline: Feb 24: Prospective petitioners may begin creating H-1B registrant accounts (accounts creation will remain open throughout the entire registration period). Representatives may create an account at any time. March 1: H-1B registration period opens at noon ET March 20: H-1B registration period closes at noon ET March 31: Date by which USCIS intends to notify selected […]

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Dual Nationality: A List of Countries that may or may not allow two nationalities with one being a Naturalized US Citizen


Dual Nationality is a common topic in US Immigration Law, specifically when someone Naturalizes as a US Citizen. This list is a quick reference guide; however, laws can change in other countries and many countries have many “nuances” that this post will not cover.  Thus, a citizen of a foreign country should consult country-specific resources. […]

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Requisitos de inmigración de EE. UU .: Certificados de nacimiento, matrimonio, divorcio y policías en Colombia

[Read Post in English] El proceso de inmigración de los Estados Unidos es muy estricto en lo que respecta a los requisitos de documentación. El Centro Nacional de Visas (NVC) es la guía líder sin importar si está solicitando una Tarjeta Verde en los Estados Unidos a través del proceso de Ajuste de Estatus, en […]

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