Arianna Trejo Contreras

Legal Assistant Arianna Trejo Contreras

Position: Immigration Paralegal

Languages: English, Spanish

Locations: Fayetteville

With Firm: Since 2019


Education: Associate Degree in Paralegal Technology

Biography: I joined Fickey Martinez Law Firm a few years ago, and absolutely love my job.

I am a longtime North Carolina Native, but originally was born in Mexico. I grew up on a small island off the coast of North Carolina, in the Outer Banks. If you haven’t visited the Outer Banks yet, it is definitely a great place to visit/vacation.

I have grown up/grown into/lived in the Immigration system since a young age, which has created a strong passion for the immigration legal field. As a DACA recipient (a special immigration process for children), my immigration exposure began while I was in Highschool. This experience, I feel, helps me communicate and relate with clients on a more personal level.