The Crucial First Year

The Small Business Administration estimates that few business owners will last through their first year. In many cases, this is because they don’t get the guidance they need. Fickey Martinez Law Firm, a North Carolina business attorney, is out to change that.

Remember, the best thing you can do is work with the same attorney from the day you start forming your business so as your business grows and requires changes to its structure the attorney knows your business and knows you.

For LLC and Corporation Start-ups, Fickey Martinez Law Firm provides to following service:

  1. Name Availability Search
  2. Drafting Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  3. Filing your Document with the NC Secretary of State ($125 Value)
  4. Obtain an EIN (Federal Tax ID) Number
  5. Obtain a Corporate Seal ($25 Value)
  6. Complete S Corp Filing Form to be taken to Business’s Accountant
  7. Draft an Operating Agreement or Bylaws
  8. Provide Minutes and Waivers for First Corporation Meeting
  9. Provide Corporate Stock Certificates for First Corporation Meeting
  10. Complimentary Reminder of First Annual Filing
  11. Free North Carolina Registered Agent Service for all Clients (optional)

Below are our flat fees for Starting an LLC, C Corporation, or S Corporation:

Category Fees
Starting a LLC: $350 Package
Starting a Corporation: $350 Package

For Sole Proprietorship and Partnership Start-ups, Fickey Martinez Law Firm offers:

  1. Name Availability Search
  2. Filing your Assumed Name with the local Registry of Deeds ($26 Value)
  3. Obtain an EIN (Federal Tax ID) Number
  4. Draft and sign a partnership agreement
  5. Assistance to obtain licenses, permits, and zoning clearance (where applicable)

Below are our flat fees for Starting a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship:

Category Fees
Starting a Partnership: $275 Package
Starting a Sole Proprietorship: $150 Package