Selling a business should always be in writing. Fickey Martinez Law Firm is happy to commit an agreement to writing. A Bill of Sale, Sales Contract, or Buy/Sell Agreement permits the transfer of ownership in a business, but the how, when, and where must be clearly established. Send our firm your negotiation notes and see how we make it into a strong legal contract.

We work for both sellers and buyers, and are happy to meet your business needs. As to promote better sale transactions, we offer the following flat fees:

Category Attorney’s Fees
Basic Sale of a Business (1-3 Page Agreement) Basic: $200
Confidentiality Agreements $100 + Basic
Arbitration/Mediation Agreements Free + Basic
Noncompete Agreements on Seller $150 + Basic
Comprehensive Sale of a Business (4-10 Page Agreement) $400
Installment Sale Contract $300

If you do not see exactly what you want, ask us for a quote. We are happy to give a locked-in price.