Residential Real Estate Closings in Onslow County


Fickey Martinez Law Firm serves Jacksonville, NC and Onslow County in Residential Real Estate Closings. We are a local law firm that happily serves our neighbors in Onslow County. Our Attorney and Staff are Jacksonville natives or connected to active duty members. It is an honor to assist our service member clients in their real estate needs.

Whether you are a young, first-time buyer or a seasoned buyer, our office seeks to assist in your closing needs. Please give us a call to see how we can best serve you.

Why do you need a Real Estate Attorney to perform a Closing?

Buyers, Banks, and other loan institutions are more comfortable having purchase and refinance matters being handled by a North Carolina Attorney. Moreover, under North Carolina Law, only a licensed North Carolina Attorney can perform a closing on a property in North Carolina. The attorney is the only person who can:

  1. providing an opinion as to the title of real property
  2. explaining the legal status of title to real property
  3. giving advice about the parties’ rights and responsibilities concerning matters disclosed by a land survey
  4. drafting legal documents


Many believe that using an attorney automatically means it is going to be expensive. However, Attorney fees in closings are reasonably priced compared to other areas of practice. Why? The attorney is competing with other local attorneys, the fee is usually flat-free for properties worth under $500,000, and there is an incentive to having a great price in the eyes of locals, businesses, and real estate agents.

A good attorney is not always the most expensive or the cheapest, but rather the one that knows all of the transactional fees associated in the closing, and is easy to speak with. After all, the attorney and their staff must be good communicators since they speak with realtors, title companies, loan companies, and the buyers and sellers. A lot of communicating is needed to get to the residential closing.

What tasks does our office perform in a Closing?

A Closing is a choreographed dance where the Buyer and Seller / Real Estate Agents / Lendee and Institution have everything prepared for the Closing Meeting. Our office performs the title search, writes the title opinion, discovers and resolves any complications to the Seller’s title, drafts the document to be signed on the closing date, offers a convenient meeting place in our office, and records the sales transaction.

We work with brokers and lenders in facilitating Conventional, VA, FHA and other government loan programs as to best reach the Closing Meeting and fulfill our client’s real estate needs.

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At this time, our law office only performs Closings for Onslow County properties. Our law firm has numerous offices throughout Eastern North Carolina, but we aim to serve our home community as best as possible. To reach the Real Estate Division of our office, please call (910) 526-0056 or contact us online at Contact Fickey Martinez Law.