Removal & Deportation

Removal & Deportation
Removal and Deportation are synonymous, they have the same meaning. The act of “deportation” occurs from an order by the federal government to have an immigrant “removed” from the United States. A Deportation Order can be issued for many different reasons, but generally, it is due to committing a criminal act or being in the United States without permission or “legal status.”

Common Reasons for Removal

An immigrant (sometimes referred to legally as an alien) in the United States can be removed from the United States if he or she violates any of the laws of the United States. Immigration Law is strict and very complex, as it has been altered, improved, and changed over the decades by the United States Congress.

Deportation proceedings can begin based on the commission of the following violations:

  • Violating non-immigrant status of a Visa
  • Entering the United States illegally
  • Convicted of a crime
  • Engaged in marriage fraud
  • Terminated conditional residence

These, and many other, reasons can lead to a removal from the United States.

A notice to appear (NTA) at Immigration Court should be handled by a local Deportation Attorney. Knowledge of the Immigration Laws, time limits, and procedures have to be considered. If you need help with your removal defense issue, then it is essential to discuss your situation with an immigration attorney.