Real Property Law

Real Estate law, more commonly known as real property law, can be very confusing. This is one area of the law that requires an attorney who is willing to get involved in the process. You may require a closing from a buying/selling of a piece of land or home. You may require the court system to divide or sell a property after parents pass away and the children inherit. You may require a loan, do seller-financing, or want a quick deed for a cash sale of a property. Our office can help in your Real Estate needs.

Residential Real estate closings in onslow county

Attorney Fickey Martinez is an Onslow Native. He grew up around Camp Lejeune. He knows most of Onslow County like the back of his hand. Our office mainly assists in Real Estate Closings in Onslow County. We like to participate in our “local” community” and provide amazing service in the process.

A Closing is a choreographed dance where the Buyer and Seller / Real Estate Agents / Lendee and Institution have everything prepared for the Closing Meeting. Our office performs the title search, writes the title opinion, discovers and resolves any complications to the Seller’s title, drafts the document to be signed on the closing date, offers a convenient meeting place in our office, and records the sales transaction. We work with brokers and lenders in facilitating Conventional, VA, FHA and other government loan programs as to best reach the Closing Meeting and fulfill our client’s real estate needs. You can learn more about how Fickey Martinez Law Firm can help in your closing here: Residential Real Estate Closings in Onslow County

Division of Property

What happens when you own a piece of property with another person and you have a dispute? Sometimes, property needs to be divided because of a divorce or because one of the owners dies or decides to sell their portion. When this occurs, it is known as a partition of the property. Generally, there are two ways to deal with this, either by an actual division of the property or alternatively, selling the property or dividing the proceeds. You can learn more about how Fickey Martinez Law Firm can help in these situations here: Petition for Partition

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