Make a Payment

Our Law Firm accepts Payments by:

  1. E-check/ACH Transactions
  2. Visa
  3. Mastercard
  4. Discover
  5. Check
  6. Money Order
  7. Cashier Check

Paying the Consult Fee and Case Invoice:

For paying the $100 Consultation Fee, our office uses a system called MyCase. An invite email should arrive at your provided email address in which to pay the Consult Fee. If you have already created an account (and have lost the invite email), there is an easy-to-find Link above, just click Client Login.

If you decide to retain our office after a consultation, generally the consult fee is applied towards your invoice. The invoice provided after a consultation would provide further clarification. Our office recommends making all payments in MyCase since payments are automatically applied to a client’s case, and the remaining balance is automatically generated. Please log in to your Client Portal to make invoice payments. Link is available above by clicking Client Login.

Common Billing Notes:

  • Note 1: For Consultation Payments, if using another person’s credit card, please notify our office by email or by phone, or else our staff may refund the payment for not knowing where to apply it.
  • Note 2: Most Credit Cards have an automated Daily Limit of $2500 or $3500 (especially for banks like Navy Federal, USAA, Marine Federal, and SECU).
  • Note 3: Most Banks have an ACH/E-Check Limit of $5000. The purpose is for bank security and to urge bank account holders to send a higher-amount check in a “physical” check format or by another means.
  • Note 4: Payment by Phone is not permitted for your security, unless in very limited circumstances.
  • Note 4.1: If Abroad and using a US Bank or Financial Institution, you may have to call the office since your IP Address may not be permitted by your Bank or Financial Institution. Otherwise, Payment by Phone is not permitted for your security.
  • Note 4.2: If a Foreign Bank or Financial Institution is being used, please notify them that you wish to make a payment in the United States. Additionally, you may be required to pay over the phone, since our payment processor is in the United States. Otherwise, Payment by Phone is not permitted for your security.