Parole in Place

Parole in Place is a special waiver of unlawful presence and illegal entry to the United States. However, this waiver is only available to the Spouse, Child, or Parent of an Armed Forces Member, regardless of branch and whether the soldier is active duty, reserve, or a veteran.

Since Parole in Place’s creation in 2013, USCIS policy has expanded and refined the eligibility of Military Parole in Place. Additionally, a companion process, Military Deferred Action has grown from Military Parole in Place. It is recommended to speak with an Immigration Attorney regarding Entry, the number of Entries (unsuccessful and successful), Unlawful Employment, fraud on an I-9, and Criminal History. There are many aspects that USCIS may look into when reviewing a Parole in Place filing.

Our firm is very familiar with the Parole in Place Process. Additionally, we handle Parole in Place denials and their possible Re-filings. Below are estimates of our fees:

Case Type

Attorney Fee Estimated Processing Fee & associated costs

When would this filing be used by our law firm?

Step-One: PIP

Step-Two: I-130 with

Inside NC

$2840 $1760

Our clients stationed at ENC Bases enjoy meeting their Attorney in person, and will have the attorney attend their interview at Durham, NC.

Step-One: PIP

Step-Two: I-130 with

Outside NC

$2550 $1760

Our Clients outside of NC have a lower fee since the Attorney is usually not hired to travel to their Interview and speaking by phone and video call are easier to schedule than in-person meetings.

Many out-of-state clients like the fact that our office has a lot of experience with PIP, and we may possibly have a few years of experience in an out-of-state USCIS Office.

Commonly, our clients are from CA, NY, FL, and IL, but we are happy to assist in all states and territories, and we have experience in many states, not mentioned above. 


$850 $0

The PIP (Only) filing is more for clients who want to “see the results of the PIP Filing” before deciding to hire our office for the AOS Filing; or, finances are tough, and the client would rather save the money and make a large payment after the PIP is approved.

Military Deferred Action

1600 $0

This type of filing is common where PIP could never be received due to serious immigration violations or multiple illegal entries and exits into the United States. Or, if PIP could be received, an Adjustment of Status filing would lead to Deportation.

This Filing, in short, defers the “action” of deportation.

Parole in Place (PIP) BLOG POSTS

Our Law Firm has written numerous blog posts and Youtube Videos to aid in the immigration process. Click the following link to see our selection for Military Parole in Place:


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