Onboarding Process

Our Office knows One-Size does not fit all.

  • Service Member filings are different from Civilian Filings.
  • A documented Family Member has different issues from an undocumented Family Member
  • Expecting Deployment in 4 months has different time constraints than just PCS-ing to a Duty Station

However, we will use this page to provide the best guidance possible on starting your Immigration Journey with our Law Office.

Where to Begin?

The Office should have provided you two key emails:

  • Our Office’s Quoted Service
  • A Document Checklist

Please closely review those emails. The Four Items needed to begin our service are:

  1. Initial or Full Payment
  2. Client Intake Forms for each person participating in the filing
  3. Attorney-Client Contract
  4. Supporting Documents

Regarding the Attorney-Client Contract, please contact our office with your interest in retaining our office. Our office staff will provide the Contract by DOCUSIGN to all emails. If a spousal filing, the emails of both spouses are required so each spouse is able to electronically sign the contract.

If you have any questions, please review this page or contact our office.

How do you have many Office Locations?

Our office is interconnected. All phones and offices are synced. Client files are digital and accessible by all office staff. By having all staff assisting in a client case, clients are benefitted by:

  1. More people able to answer the phone
  2. Possibly less commute if family live in other areas of Eastern NC
  3. Quicker email response
  4. Quicker immigration form preparation

Accessibility and efficiency are our Office’s mission, and interconnecting is the only way our office is able to be accessible 6 days a week and open 50+ hours a week.

How to make a payment?

You can visit our Office’s “Make a Payment” Page: https://www.fickeymartinezlaw.com/pay/

How much should I pay?

Please refer to the Quote that was emailed to you for more guidance on the initial payment or if your type of filing requires you to make a full payment.

When is Payment Due?

Since one-size-fits-all is not a good model, we will try to answer this question as follows:

  • If your process is a two-step or three-step process, the provided quote should state how much is due for every step. As for “when” that full payment is due, the usual response is as soon as possible. However, if “Step 1” is estimated to take 8 months, then full payment for “Step 2” should be in 6 to 8 months. Thus would allow a quick start to “Step 2.”
  • If you process is a one-step process, then the quote should be fully paid before the service begins. Ideally, the full payment in this scenario should occur within 6 months. If you cannot imagine full payment in 6 months, then it is recommended to save the quoted amount and then consider hiring our office.

Where can I find the Client Intake Questionnaire?

The Intake Questionnaire can be found here: https://www.fickeymartinezlaw.com/client-intake-form/

How Quickly can my forms be Completed?

Our office requires the intake form to be completed for all people in the filing before we are able to complete the immigration forms. In terms of timing, our office can complete forms within 1 week. For instance, if you complete the intake questionnaire on Monday, the immigration forms would be completed that same week and the client would receive a follow-up email.

Do I have to complete the Client Intake Questionnaire?

Yes. Our office has created an efficient and time-saving process in acquiring information. Our office fees are fixed, flat-fee due to this systematic approach.

I am about to Move. How do I notify the Law Firm or USCIS?

Our Office has a Change of Address Form that allows us to update your address information in our Office and also at USCIS: https://www.fickeymartinezlaw.com/change-of-address/

I lost my Checklist. Where can I find it?

Immigration Checklists should be in your, your spouse’s, or your family member’s email. It can also be found on our website at: https://www.fickeymartinezlaw.com/immigration-checklist/

How do I provide Documents to the Law Firm?

Our office can accept documents in many different ways, such as:

  • Emailing to any of our staff:
    • fayetteville@fickeymartinezlaw.com
    • greenville@fickeymartinezlaw.com
    • assistant@fickeymartinezlaw.com
    • paralegal@fickeymartinezlaw.com
  • You can schedule a document drop off at one of our office locations
  • (Under Construction) Utilize our Office’s Client Portal
  • You can fax documents to: (910) 526-0066
  • Our Office Staff can create a Shared Folder to easily facilitate Document Transfer (Client must have a Gmail Account)
  • Mail to the Main Office Address:
    • Fickey Martinez Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
      824 Gum Branch Road
      Suite A
      Jacksonville, NC 28540

Why do I have to provide so much documentation?

The US Government asks for a lot of information, but additionally for a lot of documentation to evidence a relationship, eligibility for the Immigration Benefit sought, and to determine which Immigration Policies to apply and which filing center to process the filing. Generally, the more documentation provided, the quicker the Government Processing.

In what kind of quality should my documents be provided to the Law Firm and the US Government?

The US Government can accept most documents as a photo or copy, as long as the copy is:

  1. In Color
  2. Containing all four corners of the document
  3. Clear (not blurry)
  4. No shadows and with proper lighting

A scanning app on your phone may be better than taking a photo with your phone.

Our office staff is also able to scan documents in person at one of our office locations, if needed.


Common Document Questions:


Do you have any recommendations on the Immigration Medical in the Adjustment of Status process?

The Immigration Medical does have a 60-day Expiration Date. Our office recommends performing the medical AFTER completing the Client Intake Questionnaires and AFTER providing the required supporting documents. If we cannot get information or documentation before the 60-day validity period, the medical and medical fees would have to be redone. Please also keep in mind that our office requires the full payment of our invoice before we can submit your packet to USCIS.

Here is a Blog Post on the matter below:

When Should I Get the I-693 Immigration Medical?

How do I get an IRS Transcript?

How to Request your IRS Transcript: Helpful Guide to Acquire this Commonly Requested Immigration Supporting Document

How do I get a Credit Report?

If you have a Social Security Number, you should also be able to acquire a Credit report, even if you think you do not have Credit. If you are a family member without a Social Security Number, our office can usually provide USCIS with a screenshot of the Credit Reporting Agency’s Error Screen.

Here is a Blog Post on the matter below:

How to Request your Credit Report: A Helpful Guide


Diagram of our General Onboarding Process: