Naturalization and Citizenship law can be very complex. However, nothing is more rewarding that seeing someone acquire US Citizenship or finally have their “US Citizenship” recognized by the US Government.

Our clients are generally people who have attempted to file, but were denied due to improper process, misapplication of the law, or criminal histories. Our office has a lot of experience with current laws and the numerous versions of the law that occurred throughout the 1900s. We have experience with both civilian and military filings. Acquiring US Citizenship around a Military Base oversees is quite common and add “interesting elements” when handling a Citizenship case.

Below are estimates of our fees for naturalization and citizenship. If you do not see exactly what is needed to meet your needs, please contact us.

Case Type

Attorney Fee Estimated Processing Fee & associated costs

When would this filing be used by our law firm?


$1000 – $1300 $620 – $725

The is the process for a Green Card holder to naturalize and become a US Citizen.


$600 – $1150 $0 – $1170

This filing is the process for people who are US Citizens by “operation of law,” meaning a law says it happened automatically. For this type of filing, “time” matters since the laws changed every 10 to 20 years, and every version of US Citizenship Law has many special considerations for the parents of a child.


$565 $235

Consular Report of Birth Abroad is the providing of US Citizenship to (usually) a newborn child, and where one or both parents are a qualifying US Citizen.


$1155 $145

Applying for the Department of State to recognize US Citizenship is sometimes an option, and may be more ideal than filing with USCIS.


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