Who Can An Immigration Attorney Help?


I have received a few questions about who an immigration attorney can help. In short, an immigration attorney can help people anywhere in the world, whether in the United States or abroad, in U.S. Immigration Matters.

In a previous post (found here), I stated that Franchesco Fickey Martinez is a NC Immigration Attorney and that he is able to practice in any state. Generally, an attorney may only practice law in his or her own state, but federal law (i.e. US Immigration Law) can be practiced by any U.S. Licensed Attorney.

Here, I wish to clarify that even though I am a North Carolina Attorney, I can handle/perform immigration matters for anyone in the united States and provide guidance for a person’s respective U.S. consulate. For example, a husband in South Carolina may need assistance with a fiancé visa for his fiancé who lives in Canada. Being an immigration attorney in North Carolina, I can assist the husband in South Carolina and also assist the fiancé in Canada. Although there are some limitations placed on U.S. attorneys at consulates (e.g. unable to attend a consulate interview), the attorney can still guide the fiancé through the process.

If you have an immigration matter and would like to speak with an immigration attorney, you can contact any US Licensed Immigration Attorney, including myself at (910) 526-0066 or email at attorney@fickeymartinezlaw.com.


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