When Should I Get the I-693 Immigration Medical?

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Timing is always important when considering the Immigration Medical. The I-693 has a shelf life of 60 days prior to submission to USCIS. If the Green Card Filing is not being submitted within 60 days, then the medical is not needed at this time. In our office, there are four types of common filings that must wait in acquiring their Immigration Medical due to timing. If the case type have multiple steps, the Immigration Medical is affected.

They are as follows:

  1. J-1 No Objection Waiver, which is step 1 of a two-step process
  2. J-1 Exceptional Hardship Waiver, which is step 1 of a two-step process
  3. Military Parole in Place, which is step 1 of a two-step process
  4. Fiance Visa, where the marriage occurred less than 90 days after entry, but the filing occurred more than 1 year after the K-1 Interview at the Consulate (usually Deployment complicates things)

Information on Local USCIS Doctors or ENC Military Doctors:

Local USCIS Doctor in Eastern North Carolina: Our Recommendation



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