The USCIS Online Account: Tips and Tricks (and a little troubleshooting)


The USCIS Online Account is an amazing resource that combines personalized access to your private filing as well as the convenience of an electronic system. However, many immigrants and their family members may not be computer-literate or feel comfortable accessing and utilizing the “internet” or online resources.

The USCIS Online Account is being more integral for USCIS and many immigration filings in general. In the very near future, USCIS should be going fully electronic, thereby reducing administrative costs and processing time, and ensuring filings have the basic information needed at the beginning.

This post will dive into some tips and tricks, as well as troubleshooting.

Tip #1 – The 2 Menu Approach.

USCIS Online Account utilizes 2 menus. The first menu is the home page, showcasing the 4 main (most common) items someone accesses an account for:

  1. Add a Case to your online account
  2. File a form online
  3. Enter a representative passcode
  4. Verify your identity

However, the second menu is a drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu, you can update how to receive updates, either by email or text, you can select one over the other, and you can even delete your account if you selected the wrong version of the USCIS Account when setting the account up.

Tip #2 – How to Electronically Track a Pending USCIS Filing?

USCIS still mails notices of updates/actions. However, receiving electronic updates is very beneficial.

Many people feel like they have to log into the system or check the case status every day.

An electronic notification would help reduce anxiety and free up a lot of time. Instead of checking a case status dozens of times a day, the USCIS System can email you or text you whenever there is an update in the case.

This feature is not new, and many might sign up for accounting linking here in this new USCIS System, or use an older version found here:

Tip #3 – How to Contact USCIS for Account Issues?

First, it must be noted, it is extremely difficult to speak with live customer support at USCIS. In fact, if you specifically ask to speak with someone, the system will give one warning and then will hang up if the request continues. The Phone System has an automated attendant that is pretty good at understanding what is being asked.

The easiest method of communication is by utilizing the USCIS electronic request forms, which can be seen here:

and here:

Tip #4 – How to RESET the account Password?

USCIS has provided a visual guide here:

Tip #5 – How do I verify my identity?

Confirming Identity is generally helpful for Immigrant Visa Holders that processed their filing abroad at a DOS Consulate or Embassy. This verification is to make sure USCIS has the most up-to-date information.

Tip #6 – How do I change my Address at USCIS?

USCIS uses 2 forms to update an address in their system:

  1. AR-11 Online:
  2. I-865 Paper (For Petitioners and Sponsors):

Tip #7 – How can I see the estimated processing time?

USCIS Processing Time estimator can be located here:



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