IMMVI: Written Explanations to Accompany the Filing or Respond to an RFE


IMMVI is a military-based parole filing that is automatically expedited and automatically placed before a USCIS Supervisor. The IMMVI filing two basic USCIS forms: (1) I-131 and (2) I-134.

However, these two forms DO NOT CONTAIN a considerable amount of information. For Starters, the two eligibility criteria are not present in the I-131 or I-134 forms:

  1. Urgent Humanitarian Reason or Significant Public Benefit
  2. Additional Favorable Discretionary Factors

Additionally, as this post will discuss, there are explanations that are commonly requested or required to assist the USCIS Supervisor in adjudicating the IMMVI Filing. Here is a brief list of some items that a USCIS Officer may need further explanation regarding:

  1. Past or Currently Pending USCIS Filings: If USCIS is currently processing a filing, they may want to know any change in circumstance. However, the change in circumstance would likely be covered in other areas of the IMMVI Filing. What a USCIS Officer would likely need an explanation for are “past filings” that were either denied or abandoned. Denied prior filings may look “derogatory.” Of course, no one wants to “air their dirty laundry,” but the USCIS Officer may need that explanation before they process/approve an IMMVI Filing.
  2. Explanation of Income and Tax History: For many Veterans, Income may be tax-exempt or veterans may be self-employed. The USCIS Officer may become confused after reviewing the I-134, and a brief summary of finances can help remove any confusion. After all, both tax-exempt and self-employed income differs greatly from a regular Paycheck/W2 employment and can be easily confused for “unemployed/no-income.”
  3. Explanation of the relationship (if IMMVI is for a Spouse): Neither of the USCIS Forms explains the relationship to a USCIS Officer. A brief introduction may help a USCIS Officer understand the relationship history. Example:
  4. Marriage History and Children History: Sometimes a timeline can assist a USCIS Officer in evaluating a relationship and associated children. A brief written timeline may help put things in proper order and allow an officer to evaluate a filing.

How to Format such explanations:

Such explanations should be:

  • No more than 1 side of a sheet of paper
  • Size 12 font
  • A different sheet of paper per explanation
  • Signed using black ink
  • Although not mandatory, if the explanations can be individually notarized, that wouldn’t hurt





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