I came to the US on ESTA/VWP – Can I Extend or Change my Status?


This is such a common question and, unfortunately, the Answer is “NO”:

  • No, the ESTA/VWP CANNOT be extended
  • No, the ESTA/VWP CANNOT be changed to something like a student visa or work visa

Some may ask: can I stay 90 days, leave for 1 day, and have another 90 days?

  • No, you SHOULD only be able to temporarily travel to the US for 90 days out of the past 180 days. If you were in the US for 90 days, then you should be abroad for 91 days or more.

BUT THEN: I know someone that was able to Adjust their Status, and they got a Green Card?

There is a difference between “Change of Status” (Form I-539) and “Adjustment of Status” (Form I-485). Someone MAY be eligible to adjust status, but changing status is NEVER possible.




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