NVC’s Documentarily Qualified Status/Notice: What Happens Next?

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The NVC “Documentarily Qualified Email” is great news, it means progress. Essentially, the NVC states 3 things in the notice:

  1. First, the following has been reviewed, approved, and completed:
    • Visa Fee Payments
    • DS-260 Visa Application
    • I-864 Affidavit of Support
    • All Mandatory Petitioner/Sponsor Supporting Documents
    • All Mandatory Beneficiary Supporting Documents
  2. The NVC is sending the Filing to the Embassy or Consulate for Visa Interview Scheduling
  3. The NVC will provide the Interview Day and Time once they hear back from the Embassy or Consulate

Common Next Question: What is the Timeline for the Interview to be scheduled?

The Government CANNOT give an estimate on how long it will take for the backlog to be processed. They can ONLY schedule your Visa Interview 2-6 weeks in advance, once they have made it to your file. Some Embassies/Consulates schedule interviews in 1-5 months, whereas other Embassies/Consulates can take well over a year or 2 years. For example, the four BUSIEST Embassies/Consulates in the world are:

  • Mexico
  • India
  • China
  • Philippines

Delays are 100% expected at the 4 busiest countries.

A law firm cannot also predict how long the scheduling will take. However, one of the best, most up-to-date types of information on this “unofficial/informal” topic would be online forums. People generally volunteer their timelines, which help guide people’s expectations, especially those just waiting to be scheduled after being documentarily qualified.

Common Second Question: Can I speed up my scheduling or have my case be expedited?

Generally, NO! The government usually only speeds up a case if the following scenarios are present:

  • The Beneficiary’s life is in danger or they require IMMEDIATE medical attention or medication that IS NOT PRESENT ABROAD. This situation is 100% outside of your control, and the Government doesn’t want the long-awaited spouse or child or parent to die while waiting. Requires Medical Records, Doctor’s Support, and possibly a US Doctor’s Evaluation.
  • The Beneficiary MUST come to the US Immediately to claim an inheritance of 1 million dollars. The Estate/Probate Attorney would be required to prove urgency and connect to the likelihood of severe financial loss of 1 million dollars if the beneficiary was forced to wait.
  • The parent has been separated from their minor child and the child cannot go abroad, the parent cannot travel to the US, the other parent or caregiver is NO LONGER PERMITTED to care for the child (e.g. incarceration, in a coma, in drub rehabilitation center, etc), and either the abroad parent has the filing process quicker or the state will take the child into foster care (due to abandonment).

The basis to speed up or expedite is EXTREMELY EXTREMELY limited, and ONLY TO BE USED IN THE RAREST OF CIRCUMSTANCES. The Government WILL NOT EXPEDITE due to:

  • you really just don’t want to wait (no one wants to wait, but in the interest of fairness, you MUST be processed in order of receipt)
  • solely because you are active-duty military (there are nearly 1.4 million Military Personnel)
  • solely because you are a veteran (there are nearly 16 million Veterans)
  • solely because you are a government worker (there are nearly 18 million Government Workers)
  • you just miss your spouse (everyone misses wives, husbands, children, parents)

What does this Status mean After being Documentarily Qualified?


It means you are at the stage of the NVC sending the Filing to the Embassy or Consulate for Visa Interview Scheduling, but the Interview has NOT YET BEEN SCHEDULED. The status is best described as the last “case status” as the NVC generally is no longer able to change or affect the file.


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