Chinese Birth Certificate for US Immigration Purposes


The Chinese Birth Certificate can cause some confusion to those attempting to Immigrate to the United States. To begin, there is ONLY ONE VALID Version for US Immigration Purposes: the Notarial Birth Certificate (Gong Zheng Shu).

NOTE: OUR OFFICE DOES NOT ASSIST IN ACQUIRING FOREIGN BIRTH CERTIFICATES. This post if for reference/guidance purposes only.

What should the Certificate look like and say?

The Notarial Certificate is issued by the Local Notary Public Office (Gong Zheng Chu). A notarial birth certificate is WHITE with BLACK INK. It normally contains a watermark, seal, and red stamp. It indicates the applicant’s name, gender, date of birth, ID number, place of birth, and both parents’ names.

NOTE: Notarial birth certificates issued prior to 2012 may not list the ID number.

For US Immigration Purposes, all notarial documents must have an English translation, and be attached with a certificate stating that the English translation is in conformity with the Chinese original.

Invalid Certificates for US Purposes

The INVALID Chinese Birth Certificates are usually Green or have a Green trim. They could be called:

  • Birth certificate or medical certificate of birth issued by the hospital
  • Initial Birth Record issued by the Household Registration Department of the local Public Security Bureau
  • Proof of birth issued by the sub-district office or the Personnel Department of Work Unit

The Step of Notarization through the Local Notary Public Office is mandatory.

Applicants should check the website or contact their local Notary Public Office to obtain specific information regarding required fees and supporting documents to request a Notarized Birth Certificate be created. 

Should I get an Apostille?

Generally, an Apostille is not needed for Immigration Purposes. It is, however, a common requirement for Military Purposes. More information here:

DEERS Office and the need for Apostille / Legalized Foreign Documents



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