Green Card

A Green Card is a common term referring to Lawful Permanent Residency status of a foreign national. A Green Card, however, demands that certain requirements be met in order to be eligible with USCIS or DOS.

Again, eligibility is very important. Under the Trump administration, failure in a Green Card filing will lead to Notice to Appear in Deportation Court, and possibly even a Deportation Order.

Depending on the client’s specific situation, this process can lead to Naturalization, the process to receive United States Citizenship.

We at Fickey Martinez Law Firm want to aid you in this kind of matter at an affordable price. We act efficiently and effectively in our client’s cases, guiding the client throughout the filing process. Most of our Staff have personally seen or experienced the Immigration process. So, we know the stress and worry, but we also know how to overcome it.

The main selection we must determine is which path, which agency, is appropriate for a case:

Below are estimates of our fees for Family-Based Green Card matters. If you do not see exactly what is needed to meet your needs, please contact us.

Case Type

Attorney Fee
Estimated Government Fee

When would this filing be used by our law firm?

I-130 Petition

$1165 $535 This process is recommended when finances are tight, and filing for spouses, parents, siblings, or adult children.

I-485 Filing


$1975 $1225 This process is recommended where there is a filed or approved Petition.
Concurrent/ One-step AOS

I-130 with I-485

$2250 – $3825 $1760

This process is a very common filing for spouse, parents, and minor children of US Citizens.

Crimes, use of fake or stolen document, and unlawful employment complicate the filing.

Two-step AOS

Step-One: I-130

Step-Two: I-485

$2200+ $1760

This process is recommended when finances are tight, we are awaiting FOIA Results, we are awaiting an I-102 for a lost I-94, we are awaiting mandatory documents from the court, home country, or family.

Step-One: PIP

Step-Two: I-130 with I-485

In NC:





This is a very common filing for Active-duty, Reservist, and Veterans doing the filing for their spouse, minor child, and parent.

See more at:


Consular Processing


$1635 $665

This process is recommended where there is a filed or approved Petition.

Step One: I-130

Step Two: DS-260

(I-601 or I-601A Waivers may be required)

$2300 – $3400 $1200 –

This process is recommended where a spouse, minor child, or parent is outside of the US. If they are located inside the US, and undocumented, this process may or may not be available. Specific details are needed to determine eligibility.

Consular Process is a fundamental way to enter the United States legally. Prior Illegal entry or entries into the US can remove eligibility.


Waiver of J1/J2 Visa’s Home Residency Requirement


I-130 with I-485

$2850 – $3450 No Objection: $1880

Extreme Hardship: $2690

The J1 Program is a personal favorite for our office since the Attorney’s wife was a J-1 Exchange Teacher.

The process depends on the success of receiving the waiver to the 212(e) requirement. Generally, the NOS route is best for a filing; however, depending on government funding and home country policies, a J-1 may require the Extreme Hardship Waiver.

For more on J-1/J-2 Waivers, see our Blog Post:


$560 $540

Green Card Renewal or Replacement

I-90 and N-400 Naturalization

$1755 $1265

This process is recommended where a Green Card Holder wishes to naturalize, but must renew their Green Card prior to naturalizing.

Since this process combines two processes, our office provides a reduced attorney fee compared to either filing occurring separately.

I-751 Process:

Removal of Conditions on a 2-year Green Card








To remove the conditions placed on a Two-year, Conditional Green Card, the Green Card Holder must file an I-751.

For more information, see our page dedicated for this filing:


Freedom of Information Act
$200/per Varies

The request of a FOIA on an Immigration agency is to provide government documents, otherwise lost or unknown.

This is usually recommended when there were entry complications or prior immigration filings.



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