Free Avvo Forms: Alternative Business Solutions and More

Avvo is a popular alternative to the high prices associated with law firms and attorneys. This company is taking an innovative approach. It is moving from low cost solutions and free attorney forums, to providing an expected 200 free forms database. After all, if people are searching for free forms, then they might as well go to Avvo, a trusted alternative to most internet options.

This might sound like an odd topic for an attorney to be talking about, but a business person looking for a free alternative, an elderly person looking to update a will, engaged people looking for a prenuptial agreement, each of these people could seriously benefit from free contracts and forms. Cost is always an issue, and if a standard form is all that is needed, then there likely will not be much damage by choosing a free solution.

Attorneys are usually receptive to the idea of reviewing contracts and forms for clients for very little money. A $40 to $100 review and explanation of a contract is common among law firms, and it allows an attorney to connect with individuals who may be future clients. Avvo offers a similar consultation service for a low flat fee of $99 and allows an individual to choose any local attorney in the Avvo program.

If you are looking for an alternative to an attorney law firm, you should give Avvo a look. A standard form is very basic and is usually all that someone likely needs. However, if a more complex or comprehensive document is required, then you can always go to a local attorney. This new Avvo option creates a safer avenue to acquire free basic documents. I am looking forward to see how many kinds of forms will be offered in their projected 200 free forms database.

If you have any questions, concerns, or contract needs, consider speaking with a local attorney or give Avvo a try. Below is the April 7, 2016 Avvo announcement:

Avvo adds free legal forms