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List of Green Card Categories and What They Mean

What is a Green Card Category? The Category or Code of a Green Card represents the lawful permanent resident’s (LPR’s) or conditional permanent resident’s (CR’s) class of admission. The letter(s) indicates a broad category and the number(s) indicates the order and relationship in the category. The Category can be found on the Lawful Permanent Resident […]

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N-400 Naturalization: Efficient and Electronic from start to finish

The N-400 can be completed online at USCIS.GOV. In 2019, USCIS improved their processing system with regards to Naturalization and Citizenship. The N-400 process is now completely electronic. Applicants have the benefit of immediately filing and paying for their Naturalization online. Applicants that mail a paper N-400 have their filing digitized. The USCIS Personal Accounts […]

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INA 319(b) Naturalization Option: Spouses of U.S. Citizens Employed or Stationed Abroad

Under INA 319(b), Spouses of U.S. Citizens who are Employed or Stationed Abroad can be provided a new option for Naturalization. Normally, Spouses must hold their Green Card for a minimum of three years before being eligible to Naturalize through Marriage. Under INA 319(b), Spouses otherwise eligible for the 3-year Naturalization, could be exempt from […]

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