Category: Parole in Place (PIP)

How do I Respond to a USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE)?

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may, during their processing of a filing, determine that they need more information, some clarification, or documentation. This process of providing more information to USCIS is called a Request for Additional Evidence or a Request for Initial Evidence, both of which are commonly referred to as an RFE. [..]

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Immigration’s 90 Day Rule: A new change making harsher consequences

In September 2017, the Department of State redefined their policy in finding “Visa Fraud” and “Immigrant Intent.” The 30/60 Day Rule (also known as the 30/60/90 Day Rule) has been superseded by the 90 Day Rule. 9 FAM 302.9-4 reviews Inconsistent Conduct Within 90 Days of Entry: If an alien violates or engages in conduct inconsistent [..]

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Permanent Bar for Two or More Illegal Entries – INA 212(a)(9)(C)(i)

The problem with multiple EWI or Entry Without Inspection is the automatic permanent bar to (1) U.S. citizenship, (2) Any U.S. Visa, and (3) Receiving Lawful Permanent Residence or a Green Card. There is no immediate waiver. This post will pose the common questions and helpful examples. How is the Permanent Bar applied? If someone (1) [..]

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