Immigrants Who Serve In The Armed Forces Through The MAVNI Program


Amidst all of the controversy and political backlashes, immigrants are able to join the U.S. Armed Forces, just like they have been able to do over the past 150 years. Currently, there is approximately 25,000 immigrants serving in the U.S. military. Under the “Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest” program, or MAVNI, a limited […]

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The Security Deposit: What Landlords Need To Know (Part 2)

Every residential landlord in North Carolina should be familiar with NC General Statute Sections 42-50 to 42-56, titled the “North Carolina Tenant Security Deposit Act.” Under such statute, a landlord is permitted to use a security deposit for all of the following reasons: Tenant’s nonpayment of rent Tenant’s water, sewer, and electric bills (also applicable when […]

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